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It is our pleasure to announce that, based on the current pace and progression made to this point we should be able to release the first Beta version of the EMT in Q3 which will be followed by the intensive testing phase to ensure the optimal user satisfaction and bug free environment. Based on the previous testing experience we estimate the full reales to be available for our clients and customers towards the end of Q4 2018. Until that time, we encourage any interested parties to get in touch via the following email address  (info@spectroconn.com) to find more detailed information.     

It has finally arrived! Our new website is now ready for all interested viewers to explore it and hopefully to find the information they are looking for. We have designed it in a way, so it is easy and intuitive to navigate and in the same time structured to allow a natural information flow.

We would like to encourage all the viewers to share their thoughts an opinions with regards to their experience while exploring our website. Our aim is make this tool as much yours as ours to give you a nice an easy mechanism to do business with us.


It is a very special day for our Company as we can finally announce that the Product Development Tool (PDT) has now been officially released and it is available for all companies, businesses and organisations who are in search for a similar application.

We would like to encourage all interested parties and individuals to get in touch (info@spectroconn.com) and request the full Product brochure and arrange a free of charge online Skype presentation to explore all the functions and functionalities of the application.        

Due to the organic grow of the Business and shift of the customer base we have made the decision to re-brand our Company to position ourselves in the right spot on the market to enable the Business to better serve our clients and customers in the future.  

We have changed the Company logo and will be soon releasing the new website. We have planned further changes and re-structure activities in the future but in the meantime the Business remains as usual.

From today, you can check the latest Spectroconn’s news and follow Spectroconn on most popular social media platforms such as: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. 

Spectroconn has also set up their own YouTube channel where you will be able to find short clips about our latest products, our service and many more.   

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