Experts in Product & System Development

Our vision is to become the industry’s preferred provider of Hi-Tech Products/Systems and consultancy through ongoing commitment to our core values. We work closely with our clients and aim to exceed their expectations at all times

Our Latest Product - PDT

New Technology & Product Development software is a server database application with a web based user interface designed for analysing and filtration of new Technology and Product Ideas in an effective and relatively simple way. It provides any individual user or company with a tool capturing all Business Case related analysis in one easy accessible place from multiple locations.

Additionally, it offers clear visibility of gathered/missing information at any point during the process to allow for the decision makers to make decisions based on facts instead of convenient assumptions. It has a simple voting system built in allowing each Product Definition Group members to score any individual Technology/Product idea to allow for more effective prioritisation.


For Product & System Development, delivering off the shelve products and bespoke systems designed to meet each client technical specification and budgetary requirements.

Flexible Approach

Our skills and expertises can be adopted to most industries and serve different types of clients starting from small SMEs and ending with more mature Businesses.

Effective Communication

At Spectroconn we understand the benefits and values in effective, timing and mutual communication and we apply this principles when dealing with clients and suppliers.

Trust & Partnership

Gaining trust and increasing number of real business partners is one of our major goal and factor used to determine the success of our present and future existence.

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