Engineering Consultancy

Spectroconn offers a wide range of Engineering Services

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Mechanical machining parts and components drawings, sub-assembly and top assembly drawings, conceptual sketches, wiring diagrams and many more.  

Modeled parts, components, full assemblies for manufacturing. 3D models as conceptual moving visualization for technical, commercial and advertising purposes.  

Mechanical and Electrical low level Engineering calculations usually presented in an Excel format so it can be used for multiple values.   

A combination of problem research and study including: initial calculation, conceptual sketches and drawings, basic testing plans and financial projections.   

Preparation of Product Technical Specification, Manufacturing and Assembly Instruction, Qualification Test Specifications & Test Reports, Cost Analysis, Failure Mode Analysis, Business Cases and many more.  

Project Management including: Project Definition & Planning, Risk Management, Resource Management, Stakeholders and Communication Management.

Prototype builds either following our own designs or clients designs. Prototype evaluation and Qualification to a specific industry standards or directives.

Product/System production costing (parts + assembly + FAT), Product Development (NPD) and Product Commercialization (NPI) cost estimation, sale price estimation and many more.

Mapping and documenting an existing process or conducting process optimization exercise to design an optimal, limited waste process. 

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